Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm - Johnsson Photo

First of all I want to state that I do not take any scientific tests on sharpness or ISO comparisons with other cameras. I just evaluate the pure shooting experience by going out taking photos.

The 45mm and the 75mm M.Zuiko were the best arguments for me to get the EM-5. I knew that Olympus does not implement Image Stabilisation (IS) in their lenses because they offer it in-body. And the new 5-Axis-IS offered by the EM-5 is an absolute stunner.

So I had the choice not to get these lenses because of the missing IS when I buy a Panasonic camera or buy these lenses and go for the EM-5 and get IS. Luckily I went with the second option and these lenses. And what beasts are these lenses.
First time I had the 45mm in my hands I was amazed how small and light it is. It is made of plastic with a silver finish but unfortunately the plastic material made it feel a little cheap. But as soon as I mounted it on my camera and took a few shots I knew that the images this lens produces play in a different galaxy than the exterior may constitute. The images were sharp from corner to corner with a nice reproduction of colour and contrast even wide open at f1.8.
Over the time I found this lens to be my go to lens and remain on my EM-5 almost exclusively. The results are so stunning. I also think that this focal length is almost the perfect length for portraits leaving enough room between you and you subject but not too much to leave you feeling excluded. This lens also produces wonderful bokeh with nice round light bubbles and it’s maximum aperture of f1.8 lets you isolate you subject very nicely. Even with mFT cameras which have a harder time producing shallow depth of field in comparison to full frame cameras due to their smaller sensor.
In conclusion I have to say that this lens in my eyes is perfect and I cannot recommend it enough. I think every Olympus camera owner should get this lens and for that price it’s a steal if you consider the image quality it offers.


  • - sharp throughout the frame
  • - nice bokeh
  • - light and small
  • - fast autofocus
  • - great colour reproduction and contrast even wide open



  • - no lens hood included

Sample Pictures

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