Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm Macro - Johnsson Photo

First of all I want to state that I do not take any scientific tests on sharpness or ISO comparisons with other cameras. I just evaluate the pure shooting experience by going out taking photos.

I got this lens for Christmas last year but during the Winter I had no reall chance to test it out that much. I mostly used it as my lens for rainy days since I do not own the Olympus EM-5 kit lens and this 60mm Macro is my only weatherproof lens. But now as spring is here I can take it out and do some real macro test shots with it
First of all I want to describe how beautifully this lens is built. It is made out of plastic but very high grade ones. It just feels good in your hands. The focus ring runs very smoothly and has the right amount of resistance. The lens is coloured in a matt black tone which suits especially the black EM-5 nicely. The premium feel of this lens is enhanced by the little focus distance indicator on the top of the lens showing the magnification factor from 1:1 over 1:4 to infinity. It's a very good help especially when focusing manually. On the left side of the lens is a control wheel which sets the focusing distance for autofocus from 0.4 m to infinity, 0.19 m to infinity, 0.19 to 0.4 m or sets the magnification immeditaly to 1:1. With the latter feature beeing immensely helpful. All in all the build quality of this lens as the features are amazing and very well thought.

The picture quality even surpasses this build quality in my opinion. The pictures in 1:1 magnification are super sharp from corner to corner even wide open at f2.8. It becomes a little sharper stopped down at f5.6 but only by a small margin. This lens is actually almost too sharp making the so-called moiré effect visible in some very fine structures. This can be corrected in Lightroom and is not a real drawback.

For everyday shooting purposes this lens is also very good. Beeing 60mm it may not be the ideal street photography lens but very suited for portrait shooting. With f2.8 as the maximum aperture it is not the fastest mFT lens but it renders the subject nicely and gives a great bokeh.
I really like this lens. For one it it's watherproof and functions as a great general purpose lens in bad weather conditions and secondly it is a wonderful macro lens. I used to shoot macro with a macro converter put in front of my tele lenses but the results this dedicated macro lens delivers are outstanding and play in a differen league than my macro converter. I have not tested the other dedicated macro lens for mFT the Panasonic 45mm lens but based on other reviews the working distance is shorter due to the shorter focal lenght of 45mm. With the Olympus lens it is roughly 9 cm which is very good if you want to shoot insects and try not to chase them away. In conclusion I cannot recommend this lens enough to everyone who likes to shoot macro and looks for a great lens to enter the macro world.


  • - very sharp throughout the frame maybe even too sharp
  • - relatively fast with max. aperture of 2.8
  • - well built with great look and feel
  • - reasonably priced
  • - splash- and dustproof
  • - fast autofocus
  • - (extra lens-hood is great with its sliding mechanism)


  • - lens hood not included
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